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Single Bar Soaps

 Scent List:  Oats and Honey - A classic soap that smells just like the oatmeal soap your grandmo...

 Scent List: 

Oats and Honey - A classic soap that smells just like the oatmeal soap your grandmother used to make. Honey from our local beekeeper & colloidal oatmeal makes this a gentle cleansing soap. 

Ginger Lemongrass - A clean & fresh citrus explosion. The citrus of lemongrass essential oil blends perfectly with the warm hint of ginger essential oil.

Lavender - Made with 100% natural Lavender Essential Oil this is a classic & always a favorite for its relaxing scent (which is not overpowering) & creamy bubbly lather. 

Tea Tree Mint - Tea Tree & Peppermint Essential Oils with ground peppermint make this an exhilarating good time. Cleansing & antiseptic properties of the essential oils make this soap great for problem skin & acne. 

Earl Grey - A distinct citrus flavor derived from the bergamot orange carries through our Earl Grey blend. Made from 100% natural steeped tea, this soap is the perfect addition to any bath or shower. 

Merlot - A full-bodied complex scent with notes of plums, apples, red raspberries and strawberries combined with a light spicy background. Blueberry seeds provide a bit of exfoliation, but no bite.

Cabernet Sauvignon - A classically deep red color that displays a lovely bouquet of berries and oak. A full-bodied scent with good varietal character and power. Sprinkled with a touch of gold mica to give it a classy shimmer.

Chardonnay - Just like the wine, a rich soap that is wonderfully balanced by a bright citrus note. A sweet oak note weaves together the many layers of aroma and flavor, carrying to the finish. Sprinkled with a little glitz of gold mica brings a level of sophistication to the bar.

Nectar - The scent of honey gathered from fields of lavender blended with honey from a local beekeeper make a soap that is as moisturizing as it is rich. To top it all off, a little bit of honeycomb has been strategically placed on the top of each bar

Spiced Cranberry - Warm & spicy with just a little sweet/tartness from the cranberries. Smells like Christmas!

Almond & Honey - Honey from a local beekeeper is blended with a just-sweet-enough almond scent. This soap smells almost good enough to eat!   It reminds us of a classic almond smell often associated with marzipan cookies or a lotion.

Rose Geranium

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