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Fall Box

Herbal Bath Tea Benjamin Soap CompanyThis bath tea uses a unique blend of salts, herbs, and teas ...

Herbal Bath Tea Benjamin Soap Company
This bath tea uses a unique blend of salts, herbs, and teas to provide a soothing and beautiful botanical bath. To use, fill your tub with warm water, add the herbal mixture, and enjoy the warm scent of chai as the mixture steeps.

Rustic Vintage Tin Candle Anchored Northwest
Triple scented with decadent blends of essential and fragrance oils, these 100% American grown soy candles feature a real wood wick made of untreated cedar wood housed in a rustic tin vessel that is sure to complement your fall decor. The approximate burn time is 60+ hrs.

Enjoy one of these rich scents;
Fall Harvest (Citrus, Cinnamon, Chrysanthemum, Apple, Berry, Green Leaves, Pecan, Cedar) OR Chai a lil’ Harder (Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Pumpkin, Clove, Black Tea, Vanilla, Graham Cracker).

Wander Matchbox Studio Portmanteau
Light a wanderlust spark with this decorative matchbox adorned with a gold and white tree print containing extra-long 4" honey caramel-tipped matches with natural wood stems. The included striker strip for convenience makes this is the perfect accessory for your rustic tin candle!

Room & Linen Spray 101 West
Give your room a burst of freshness with just a couple of sprays, this highly scented odor-eliminating room, and linen sprays. This multi-purpose item is perfect for cars, closets, laundry rooms, dorm rooms, bathrooms, or anywhere else that you want to freshen the air. Shake well before use! When used on linens, we recommend spraying at a short distance.
Scented in “Apple Brown Betty” so delicious you’ll believe spent all day in the kitchen cooking up a delicious baked apple pie!

Hair Perfume Grace + Bloom
Hair perfumes have been a repeat feature in our box and a popular seller in our store! Specifically designed for hair, this lightweight moisturizing, alcohol and paraben-free formula provides a fun way to freshen your hair between washes without weighing the hair down with a burst of scent with every turn of your head.
Enjoy one of these rich scents; Pumpkin Chai OR Sweater Weather

Basic Brew Bath Bomb Vibes Bath Bombs
Is it really fall until you’ve had the first PSL sip of the season!? This bath bomb pays homage to this seasonal classic. Hand-painted and stenciled, this bath bomb features colorful embeds that will leave your bath water with real pumpkin vibes while you enjoy the scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, coffee, cream, and vanilla.

Amas Veritas Bath Bomb Rock & Oil 
Summon up a true love spell with this stunning bath bomb inspired by the fall movie classic; Practical Magic and scented in cinnamon, allspice, citrus, pecan caramel, freshly-cooked pumpkin, crunchy leaves, and cedar! Witch (get it?) sister will you be; wild redheaded Gilly or down to earth sister Sally?

Baked Apple Hand Sanitizer Simply Home Soaps
Protect your hands from germs with this 62% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Formulated with vitamin E and aloe vera for the most moisturizing, never sticky application leaving your hands soft and scented. This two-ounce size makes it super convenient for the car or purse. Attach to your bag using the included carabiner.

Butter Bath Melts Brittle Moons Harvest
This breakaway bath melt bar made using 100% pure cocoa butter provides a silky, extremely moisturizing bath! A little goes a long way, so expect to enjoy multiple baths from each bar. Just snap a piece off and toss it into your bath water to enjoy the scent of warm, earthy sage and freshly picked green and red apples.

Whipped Soap Dose Bath Co
Whipped into an ultra-creamy, thick, and scoopable soap scent in delicious rich chocolate fudge with a maple syrup swirl. Use as a body wash by adding to a loofah, as a fluffy shaving cream, or keep it by the sink for the softest hand wash. Each jar features tiny maple leaf soap on top!

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