Katie's 2021 Overview

by Katie Fowler - December 2020

Today we announced some exciting new changes to Lavish Bath Box that we believe will improve your experience across the board, but I wanted to explain how and why we arrived at the decision to change, so let’s start with some background.

How it started

Lavish Bath Box was founded in early 2016 as a way for subscribers to discover unique handmade personal care products from multiple talented small makers in one box shipped affordably to your door each month.

We didn’t realize when we started just how incredible and close this community of makers and the customers that love them would be and how much we’d enjoy building relationships with all of you! The full circle support

We are now heading into our 5th year (hurrah!) and the unforeseen challenges of 2020 (erratic and expensive shipping, backordered supplies and packaging, and uncertain timelines just to name a few) have forced us to reevaluate how we run things and how we might change our services and offerings to accommodate this new post-covid world. Our subscribers have remained steadfast and loyal through it all and your unwavering support has given us the confidence to make some changes we truly believe are for the better.

What is changing

Starting January 2021 Lavish Bath Box will become a QUARTERLY subscription box.

This will allow us to give more lead time to our vendors, have more wiggle room should unexpected delays occur and get us back on track with the stellar customer service you have come to expect from us. 

Most importantly though, this necessary change will make our boxes bigger and better than ever by offering a larger variety of exclusive items, a streamlined experience, and extra ways to save all year long!

Making these changes now has given us the perfect opportunity to switch platforms as well so we can offer a fully integrated experience no matter how you shop with us.

Single logins
Fully integrated rewards and referral programs
Membership benefits
Personalizations, customizations, and add-ons as they become available.

Subscribe two ways:
: Much like our monthly offerings, this subscription term is paid by the box and will auto-renew each season unless gifted or cancelled (which can be done any time by logging in to your account here on our website or emailing us directly). 

Annually: By subscribing for a years worth of boxes (4) in advance you will unlock membership status with Lavish Bath Box for a year. Your annual membership includes:

10% off ALL orders at lavishbathbox.com 
Exclusive Sales & Discounts
Add Ons with Members Market
Early Access to: Limited Boxes/Products
Customizations/Add-ons as they become available.

Plan for Annual Membership benefits to grow as we continue to expand on our services this year.

We realize it can be difficult to pay for it all in one lump sum, so we are excited to announce our partnership with Sezzle which will allow you to subscribe now and pay for your boxes in multiple 0% interest payments.

We’ll be counting on and listening very seriously to your feedback as we begin to roll out these exciting changes. If you have any questions or concerns I encourage you to reach out to me directly at katie@lavishbathbox.com.

Thank you for taking the time to understand why things are changing for Lavish and for continuing on this journey with us.

- Katie and the Lavish Bath Box Team