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Katie is the CEO/Founder of Lavish Bath Box and the creative force behind each and every box that goes out. Katie hand-picks the products and works with the vendors to make sure that you are getting the coolest bath experience possible with LBB.

More from Katie on our Natural Product Philosophy

I have always been a “bath person” since I was a little girl, Saturday nights were my favorite because I got to have a bubble bath at grandma’s house in her big jacuzzi tub. Now as an adult baths are not only my favorite way to relax but, a welcome relief as I would have grown up to deal with some chronic health issues.  That is why the products in Lavish Bath Box are free of harmful ingredients, made with ingredients you can actually read and understand as well as ingredients that help soothe rather than irritate skin.  While I know every skin type is different and reacts different, I can promise you that it is important to me to look out for your skin and your health when I curate these products.  Let me explain:

A Bad 'Hive' Day
This.. is physical chronic urticaria caused by an auto-immune disease called “Dermographism”. 

Basically? My body is allergic to itself. It believes it has to fight off foreign invaders (that aren’t foreign and aren’t invaders) and releases too much histamine into my system, causing something as small as a scratch, bump, or even the elastic on my socks to turn into massive hives breakouts anywhere on my body (though hands, feet, and neck are their favorite playing grounds).

An Average 'Hive' Day

These are real pictures of my breakouts. They aren’t always bad – some days are worse than others and it can also be affected by my diet and stress level. Once they start nothing, no corticosteroids, no anti-histamines, will stop them, only time makes them go away.

Do you know what does help soothe the itch and irritation? You guessed it, a nice warm bath with fun products that are good for my skin!