Lavish Loyalty Rewards Program

Here's the deal(s)!

With the Lavish Loyalty Rewards Program, you get automatically rewarded each time you shop at Lavish Bath Box! The minute you create an account with us, you can start earning points to spend in our shop, discounts to redeem on your renewals, and even some special edition items and boxes.

How To Earn Points

  • Subscribe  50 pts
  • Renew Subscriptions 20 pts
  • Shop the Store 30 pts
  • Purchase Gift Subscriptions 50 pts
  • Leave Reviews on Shop 5 pts

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a subscriber—can I still participate in the Loyalty Program?

Yes! You’re part of the Loyalty Program from the first purchase you make with us, and will continue to earn Points for each order you place in the Shop or when you gift a subscription.

What kind of perks can I get?

You’ll be able to redeem your points for discounts on purchases including gift subscriptions, deals in our shop, and even Lavish exclusives and swag!

How do I redeem my points?

View your points balance anytime by logging into your account. Click on “Choose my reward”  to choose from a variety of perks available to you. Once “redeemed” the perk will automatically apply itself to your cart during your next purchase (or renewal if applicable).

I'm saving up my points—how long do they last?

Your points will last indefinitely so save them up as long as you like! (However Lavish Bath Box does have the right to discontinue the points program at any time).

How can I get more points?

Aside from the 5 things listed above keep an eye out for BONUS POINT opportunities!

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