June 2018 : Mermania


June 2018 : Mermania

We are taking a trip under the sea with our June Mermania box!

We have a mer-mazing line up for products headed your way from returning vendors like Spun Gold Naturals and Bath Sorbet alongside new vendors Yippee Co,  Artisan Bath Co and others we think are set to make big waves with you all! So, make sure to subscribe now for a box full mermaid kisses and starfish wishes!


Official Unboxing

Subscriber Unboxings & Demos

Mermaid Bath Bomb

by: Bath Sorbet  
This beautiful ombre bath bomb is a true work of art! Scented in sweet delectable cotton candy,  bergamot, and vanilla with handpainted golden mermaid scales and topped with a bright clamshell.

Mermaid Wishes Bubbling Bath Salts

by: Yippee & Co   
Transform your bath time experience to a magical ocean oasis with this bubbling bath salt! With its light ocean scent, bubbles, and fizz  get ready for lots of mermaizing relaxation.

Mermaid Scales Bubble Bar

by: Spun Gold Naturals  
Beautifully hand painted in a variety of bright colors and timmed in a ring of gold these bars can be crumbled under the tap for bubbles scented in rich creamy cocoa butter blended with juicy pineapple.

Mini Mermaid Bath Bombs

by: Crystal Mae Creations  

Transform your bath into a sea of blue/green swirls with these mini bath bombs embedded with colorful european sea salt, finished with a dusting of bright gold sparkle. Scented with tropical fruit tamarind with mandarin, red currant, dates & sweet coconut milk.

Blue Lagoon Soy Candle

by: The Pretty Eclectic   
This hand poured 100% soy candle is scented in agave nectar topped with cornflowers, clam shells, glitter, and fluorite stones – believed to encourage positivity and balance energy.

Mermaid Jelly Soap

by:  Artisan Bath Co   
This glittering jelly soap scented in ocean sea salt, sea moss, and green vetiver can be used like a bar soap, cut into pieces to use with a sponge, or popped into the freezer for a chilled refreshing shower!

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