February 2018 : Moonstruck


February 2018 : Moonstruck

It is the month of romance and we have stars in our eyes and are over the MOON! Could we be, dare we say it, moonstruck? We hope you are feelin’ the love for this cool space theme with a Valentine twist. We’ve got a bunch of Lavish Exclusive items coming up this month from companies we are going gaga over like Fo Shizzle My Fizzle BathDollyMoo, and many more! Stay tuned for a sneak peek coming soon!

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Across The Universe Bath Bomb

by: Dollymoo  
This hand airbrushed bath bomb is scented with neroli for astral travel, jasmine for connection to the goddess, & amber + vanilla for warming magick making it the ultimate celestial treat.  Lavish Exclusive

Moon Dust Bath & Body Oil

by: The Ticklish Giraffe   
This glistening bath + body nectar that fuses apricot kernel, jojoba and vitamin E oils with organic hibiscus flowers and rose petals. The diamond silver mica will also give your skin a beautiful sheen. Use this body oil right after a bath or shower, or drizzle a bit into the running bath water

Sea Glass Bath Salts

by: Sandy Goat Soap   
These glittering super moisturizing star shaped shave soaps are scented in a mix of asian plum with hints of honeysuckle.

The Zodiac Bubble Bar

by: Seaside Designs  
Crumble this solid bubble bath bar under the tap for bubbles that reach the stars! Scented with fruity notes of blackberry, strawberry,  pomegranate, citrus, mandarin, grapefruit, and lime, with a base note of bamboo.

Over the Moon Bath Bomb

by: Fo Shizzle My Fizzle  
This Lavish Exclusive Bath Bomb is scented is orange, grapefruit, white grape, and lime with a dash of cognac. Each handpainted and sprinkled with biodegradable glitter.

Vitamin Sea Bath Potion

by: Fate and Fortune Apothecary  
This Galaxy inspired emulsified sugar scrub will turn into a rich, cream lotion as you rinse it away leaving your skin soft, smooth, & moisturized. Scented in delicious black cherry.

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